Monday, October 18, 2010

Story Time!!! ...Plus ANOTHER New Recipe! =)

Isn't every day a story time over at my blog?? =)

But really...Monkey is loving his books lately.  So much, in fact, that he has gotten bored of the books in our house.  Since funds are strictly going to the adoption lately, we thought we would head over to the library.  I LOVE how fun it is for Monks.  He gets SO excited picking out book after book after book....and especially excited when he sees one he recognizes (from a previous trip)!

This is just ONE of the ways I catch Monkey enjoying his books just warms my heart!

This particular book is his CARS book.  Ever since his major sickness (the one when we had to purchase a nebulizer to get his breathing under control) and we watched this movie 7 times that week (no joke!) he has been mildly obsessed with CARS!

His other famous reading position is leaning against one of the couches or chairs in the living room, flipping through pages.  It must be perfect eye level for him...because its where he plays with his cars, his choo choo train, everything! =)

This child really melts my heart!

Later that night for dinner, I tried a new recipe from my WIPHAN cookbook (which I am LOVING by the way...nothing better than a bunch of moms YOU love and respect sharing THEIR favorite recipes and then a bunch of moms THEY love and respect shairng THEIR favorite recipes....AMAZING cookbook!!!  Head over there now to pick one up for yourself!!!  ...And don't forget that the proceeds are going to a GREAT cause!!  WIPHAN stands for WIdows and orPHANs....their whole mission is to "equip widows and orphans for a productive future life, offering hope to the hopeless through the love of Jesus Christ".  This is an AMAZING ministry in Zambia doing great things - please support them!). 

ANYWAY....the recipe was called Balsamic Chicken!  I was very unsure how all the intense flavors were going to come together into one dish, but it was amazingly delicious!!  The hardest part was figuring out what to pair it with, but being low on groceries we just made white rice.  After tasting the chicken now, I would suggest pairing it with some roasted red potatoes, or something like that...but was SOOO unbelievably good.  I had that look of nervousness as Hubs took his first bite, but his oooing and awwwing made it ALL worth the uncertainty!  {insert pat on my back for trying something new} =P

Just to let you know, I've got something exciting for you to look forward to on my blog in the next little bit!  I will be featuring my first GUEST BLOGGER!!!!  I am so excited!  This is an amazing friend of mine from way back when (I kinda feel like I'm old enough to say that now, lol!) and she is going to be doing an anthropologie-inspired tutorial for you!  *I* am so excited to see this for myself and share it with all of YOU!  So stay tuned, you won't want to miss this.
Till next time!!!



Becca Harley said...

oh, your little monkey is absolutely adorable!!!! My Jadon loves CARS too:)

Alison said...

So sweet that he is loving books!! Carson used to love CARS too! And that recipe looks good! I have got to get that cookbook!!

Lauren said...

he is just the cutest thing ever! He's going to be the best big brother!! :)

erica said...

We love the library too! And the chicken looks really good. Cute pics of your little guy!