Friday, October 8, 2010

'Tis The Season

...for BoOtS?!?

Yes, yes it is.  Once summer is over in Seattle, its right back to rain.  Bahaha!!  Who am I kidding!?!  It's rain here all year long! =)

But really, boots are a MUST-OWN!  But since I'm having a hard time finding rain boots for my Lil Man, we're dealing with snow boots.  Yes in October (and even once in September, I must say)!

One thing I love about little boys, is they can get away with even the craziest out fits, because...let's face it!  They're boys!!! 

Oh I love this kid:

P.S.....if you've been haning around my blog in the last day or so you've probably seen me try out SEVERAL different headers.  I just haven't been happy with mine for a while so I created my own.  Would love some feedback for what you think!  Is it too busy?  Should I just have the three basic photos?  I'm all ears for suggestions!  But until I hear from you, enjoy the new pictures! =D


missy said...

he is SO cute. i didn't know you live in seattle. we spent a summer there (with the ministry we work for) and i've wanted to go back ever since. i have seen that shirt at target and wished for a little boy to put it on. same with the adorable monkey hat. saw it on etsy, but decided to go with an owl one for lulu.

okay, i'm writing a book...sorry.

about the header. i think it is really beautiful. but i do actually think it might detract from the focus being on the pix. i do like it though. i didn't pay attention to the other options though. it's fun to play around with it.

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Awww, I love his boots! Where'd you find them?

I like the header, I'd just suggest that you make sure you blog title is really visible to people! That way it's memorable :)

Ashlee said...

I think the snow boots are totally fine. Who cares, and they keep his little toes warm. He is adorable. Did you order that hat on Etsy? I've seen a few people offering things like that. I wish I could crochet that well.
I like all of your headers, just keep em up. Love change too.