Friday, April 1, 2011

My Week In Review: Time To Invest In Some Bug Killer!

Filled With Praise

I forgot to make this post happen last week, but my friend Amy over at Filled With Praise is hosting a weekly "My Week In Review" link up!  And TODAY she is offering a giveaway to one blogger who links up, so what are you waiting for?!?  Get to work and see if YOU can win that shirt!

Booking our tickets to AFRICA!!!!!  Although they cost a small fortune, God has provided every penny and it was SUCH a blessing that because of families like YOU we could purchase a good deal on the spot rather than stressing about where to borrow from.  To GOD be the glory - because that is a miracle in itself!!!

Ants.  Now let me start this by saying...if this is the worst I can think of this week, than I feel pretty blessed!  But that being said, carpenter ants are bringing our the worst in me lately.  YUCK!  If anyone has any great tips to get rid of these creatures (and yes, we think we just found the nest) I am ALL EARS!  *shiver*

{Lesson Learned}
Where He guides, He provides!!!  I've repeated that to myself over and over again, but NOW - I'm living proof!!!  =D  ...And maybe don't bring in firewood that has been stored by a nest of carpenter ants.  Hahahaha!  (You may think that sounds obvious, but we didn't NOTICE the nest until after the fact.)

Don't forget to check out our fundraising blog today to see how you could help us win another $100 towards our adoption!!!



Darcee said...

LOVE this POST! 'Where He Guides, He Provides!' YAY! ♥ Gooooood stuff Megs! me a lil teary! :)

THRILLED to DEATH that our AWESOME God provided the funding for your tickets to AFRICA! WOW! God is GOOD ALL the Time!!

CELEBRATING with ya!!!


4 Blessings said...

Love the truth of his provision!!

Sorry, I have no advice on the ants. Hope they are gone soon :)

Thank you so much for linking up!!!

Janet said...

Praises for Africa tickets!!! As for the ants... I'd call a pro. We had spiders once and just couldn't hack it on our own. We called Orkin, and poof, problem solved! It didn't cost much, and saved me a lot of grief. I don't do creepy/crawly things AT ALL!!!

Angela Hunt said...

Hahah, your blog makes me laugh! :) I'm so excited about your flight! I am still so amazed at how God provides so diligently while we fret and wonder! He is so gracious!

Heather said...

I recommend putting cinnamon along all of your doorways and of course near the nest. Just shake some anywhere you think would help really. It works like magic!