Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Friday: Function Over Fashion??

I know what you're thinking.  You saw "Domesticated Diva" and then "Function Over Fashion" and MUST be kidding me!  That must have been a typo, right?!?  Wrong.  Just when you thought you had me figured out, I switch it up again.  ;)

You see, there are a few select times in my life where function outweighs fashion.  Not by much, just enough to measure in some comfort in my life.  Let's face it, even divas can't wear high heels everywhere!  My wet backyard, my son's sandbox, and the walk to the mailbox, for example.  Believe me, I've tried.  You end up walking on your tip-toes to prevent your heel becoming a new stake in the ground, and therefore having to spend time delicately cleaning mud off with a damp cloth.  Or you end up with cold, wet piggies and a grass-stained peep-toe.  NOT COMFORTABLE {or cute}!

So on my latest trek to TJ MAXX, I stumbled upon these beauties in my search for the perfect pair of "Africa shoes" {which I have not found yet, FYI}!

Now I know for several of you these are old news.  But I couldn't buy just ANY pair of rain boots!  Oh no!  Even though these are probably the most practical thing in my wardrobe right now {considering where I live} they still had to have some element of fashion!  And while I've seen you cuties sporting your polka dotted, floral, and hounds tooth rain boots and thought hmm...those are cute...they just aren't ME!  And while I know that zebra print and pink aren't completely out of the ordinary either....most of you would probably agree that they scream "MIMI!"  {Even when I asked Monkey if he thought I should get them he said, "Mmmhmm...for Acica (Africa) mama!"  Awww...}

And for those of you who are thinking, what on EARTH would she need those hideous boots for?!?  Let me just say I HATE HIGHLY DISLIKE YOU because that means that you live somewhere warm and sunny!  Remember this is SEATTLE, the city of RAIN!!!  My driveway is one huge never ending puddle and our sandbox looks more like a pool.  Please don't laugh at my expense because this is SO not funny.  If it wasn't for family, I'm not quite sure what would be holding us to this dreary city.  These boots are me simply making the best of a bad situation...that's all!

Besides, it's probably a step up from my previous pair of fashionable outside footwear.

Don't remind me how dirty they are.  Once upon a time they WERE actually cute AND cozy {and a very vibrant shade of purple}.  You know that special UGG cleaner they have you buy to care for them?  Still sitting in my cabinet of cleaners, unopened.

So...maybe they're not the cutest thing I've ever purchased!  But it's not like I'll be wearing them to the grocery store or anything!



Ashlee said...

You're too funny Megan! I would absolutely wear the zebra print to the store, and probably the uggs if it were cold enough.
The rain boots are super cute. I think animal prints are really in right now.

Karee said...

Please let me know when you find the perfect pair of "Africa shoes". I am looking too and have been unsuccessful.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he- Love them :)
And I am glad my family lives here in Florida :)

Lauren said...

I love those rain boots!!! Mine are bright red with white polka dots and make me so happy! :) You don't need to hate me - it's pouring down rain here as I type this! ;)