Sunday, April 17, 2011

TOP TEN!!!!! Pour It ON!!!

WOW!!!!  Received news this a.m. that I am still in the TOP 10 to win the OH grant! Less than 16 hours till the contest is over! Please shop today and help us win that $500 grant! Thanks Mom and Dad, Laura, Brittney, Ashley, Allanna, Cheri, Angela and Dani for being Ordinary Hero's for our adoption (and many more I'm sure to get us here....these are just the families I know of!)! They have sweatshirts, tshirts, toddler gear and more!  You guys are going to LOVE the merchandise that is coming your way!!!  Don't forget...some of you mentioned you don't need anything, but you can purchase shoes, blankets and raincoats for the kids in Africa who DO need them!  Please shop today!  A few more sales could make all the difference...can 10 more people step out and shop today???
Here is another favorite tshirt!!!!

For those of you who have purchased....could you help us out and continue to spread the word by reposting something like this???

I helped Megan @Domesticated Diva by purchasing an Ordinary Hero tshirt! They are fundraising their adoption and they get 40% of what they sell in the OH store today! They are trying to win a $500 grant and they received news this am that they are selling among the TOP 10! Will you be an Ordianry Hero and check out this store and make a purchase? Select their name at check out (Domesticated Diva) so they receive credit! Less than 16 hours left to help this family!  SHOP here today (before midnight and help them win!)

Thanks y'all!!!!  You blow me all away with your love and support!

P.S. If you need more details please visit our fundraising blog {}


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