Friday, January 28, 2011

Story Time - What's In Your Library?

My friend over at Knit Together did a post recently on some books she was reading and asked for suggestions on what others were reading.  It got me really excited and gave me some new ideas for books I wanted to add to my library.  So in response to it, I suppose you could say, I am posting my own!

The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis
A parenting book specifically to guide adoptive parents into the best possible bonding and attatchment with their children possible.  I actually received this book for Christmas from my dear friend Katie (who does not have a blog, sorry) and I have already read so many great ideas.  Now I just need my sweetie here so we can start bonding! =)

A Sister For Matthew by Pamela Kennedy
(Children's Book)
This was also gifted to us for Christmas from my friend Katie.  This adorable, sweet story answers a lot of questions young children might have about international adoption.  Why are you adopting?  How will she get here?  Why doesn't she look like me?  Will she speak another language?  I love how it addresses these questions and I love the look on Monkey's face when Matthew finally gets to meet his baby sister and LOVES her! =)

God Found Us You by Lisa Tawn Bergren
(Children's Book)
I was first introduced to this book by my sister and cried reading is THAT sweet!  I ended up purchasing it with some of my Christmas money this year and I just love reading it to Monkey.  "Mama, will you be my forever mama?" ...gets us every time.  =)  My husband may or may not have been caught with a tear in his eye at Barnes & Noble.  ;)

Crazy Love by Francis Chan
Our couples Growth Group went through this book over the course of several months.  We found it encouraging, challenging, and very much out of our comfort zone.  I think its one of those stretching books that everyone should read.  The videos that go along with it are great for discussions too.

Becoming The Woman Of His Dreams by Sharon Jaynes
A friend and I recently started reading this together.  We meet together every other week (ish) and discuss what we've been reading and pray for each other.  This book has an AWESOME prayer section at the end that goes through praying scripture for your husband - so powerful and wonderful!  Again, this is a really stretching book.  Not everything I read makes me happy...but because it's teaching me to honor, respect, and love my husband...not myself.  I know...deep stuff, huh?

Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer
You all KNOW that I'm a Twilight nut!  Well...I've read all the books probably seven times.  It's a great escape for me...gets me out of MY mind and in a whole 'nother world.  (It takes a LOT for me to get there, lol!)  I know some of you are like..."I don't like fantasy" or "I don't like sci/fi".  Well!!  NEITHER DO I!  The love story is what gets you here.  Go to your library (or call your neighbor...chances are one of them has a copy to lend).  Pick up Twilight.  And READ.  Chances are you'll like it!  I've never met a person who has read it and NOT liked it.  So there!

Where Did That Baby Come From? by Debi Gliori
(Children's Book)
We borrowed this book from the library several visits ago.  Immediately we loved the flow of the words and Monkey thought it was just plain silly and cute!  Well it seems that every time we go to the library, this book keeps coming home with us, so my husband figured it was time to OWN it.  (Yay!  I love books so this gets me to do a happy dance =)  It is a definite favorite over here!  THIS is the book Monkey asks for EVERY NIGHT.  I think it's a simple and great way to prepare him for being a big brother...and the rhythmic pages help soothe him to sleep (bonus!).  Would totally suggest it for anyone welcoming a new baby into their home.

So YOUR turn!  What's in your library?  What are you reading right now?  Has something put a smile on your face?  Has something turned your world of thinking upside down?  Please share!  You can leave a comment or post on your own blog and let me know!  Inspire me with what inspires you.

{P.S. Just a crazy little side's driving me a little bonkers that I didn't put these in some kind of ORDER.  I know, the OCD in me...  But SERIOUSLY Megan...would it be THAT hard to put it in alphabetical order...or in order that you read them?  Or SOMETHING?!?  Whatevs.}



Erika Reiner said...

Love it! I am actually reading Crazy Love right now. Tim got this for me as a stocking stuffer this year....very good, sometimes hard to read and look at myself and life, and encouraging. Dares me to move.

God found us you....LOVE THAT one and have it in our library.

Breaking Dawn, I must admit, that series was a guilty pleasure of mine. LOL

Angela Hunt said...

Hey, great list! :) I have "The Connected Child" on my must read list. I loved reading "Crazy Love." Francis Chan's "Forgotten God" is really good too. Oh, and thank you for posting those books about preparing your child at home for a brother or sister. I need to get those for our daughter.

Alison said...

Love Crazy Love and God Found Us You!! I am reading Mary Beth Chapman's "Choosing to See" right now, and it's awesome!!

Debb said...

Great List! Our hearts share a book bond! Our small group is currently reading Crazy Love ~ lovin' it! I have "The Connected Child" sitting here waiting for me to read. "God Found Us You" was the FIRST baby book I bought! I I just need my sweetie(s) home to read to!

I am also enjoying reading the book, "Radical" by David Platt. Another live-changing book for sure! Another GREAT international adoption book I am reading is "Parenting your Internationally Adopted Child: From Your First Hours Together Through the Teen Years." Has been a huge blessing to me thus far! Happy Reading, my friend! Here's hoping the referral flood gates have been opened and referrals come pouring in!!!!!!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

great books :)

Have most of them.....not all- LOVE THEM!

Little Lost Bat- Sandra Markle
Tells of how God created bats to adopt babies if something happens to theirs.

JOJO- A Tiny Story Of Faith- Faith Miller. It is her personal story- and it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Can NOT read without crying, but it is sooo powerful - about adoption. Walks through the birth family & the adoptive family sides :)

The Squire & The Scroll - GREAT book about purity- for boys.
& The Princess and the Kiss- both by Jennie Bishop

Jordan's Hair- for BOYS to read about their fun afro hair :) by Ed & Sonya Spruill

Nappy Hair- just fun to read for again that wonderful hair GOD created :) Carolivia Herron

Courtney said...

Love the children's books. Thanks for the ideas...they are going on my list!