Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Photos BEFORE The Photos

Confused yet?  Yeah...I thought so.  But it makes sense to me! =) 

I WANT to do a couple blog posts on our Christmas, but I just haven't had the motivation hit yet.  It's a lot of pictures and therefore takes a lot of time.  And I know the rest of y'all will probably skip right past it...but remember this blog is for ME!  And I want to remember those moments!

They are coming - I promise!  But before I unveil the Christmas photos I just had to share pics of Monkey's favorite gift - a cardboard box!!!  {Figures, right?!?}  This NOMALLY would be part of "Wordless Wednesdays"...but I figured this might be a great time to update y'all on my Lil Man!

Those *MELT ME* baby blues!

My personal fave!

Hehee =P

Too fun, right?!?

Anyone who hasn't seen him in, ooohhh....ONE WEEK(!) comments on how much he has changed!  Monkey has had a MAJOR growth spurt in every way imaginable!  He is shooting up out of his clothes {seriously, over the course of our Christmas vacation his 18mo jeans just became high waters} and his language has EXPLODED!  This boy is becoming quite the character!  We laugh at some of the hilarious things that come out of his mouth:

"Hey buddy!" in a sweet, high pitched voice to small animals...
"c'MON mama!" in the most hilarious pleading voice {you can't HELP but follow}...
and "you poo-pooed???" if you "toot"{in quotes because it never actually happens, of course...and my whole family just laughed out loud} followed by a huge LAUGH...so much for discreet.

Then there's the funny things he DOES!  The "show-my-muscles-freeze-shake" is the famous "you-know-you-can't-stay-mad-at-me" trick.  The sad thing?  IT WORKS!  Every time we bust up laughing!  {BAD parents, shame!}  Or the little "shoulder-shimmy-shake-my-booty" dance that the video just does NOT do justice of! 


I love each of your funny little quirks!  Even when I'm mad at you, I can't help but love you.  Thank you for lighting up my days with your rays of sunshine and making me smile even through my tears!  YOU my boy will forever have my heart!

                                                                                      Love xoxo,
                                                                                                       your MAMA



Anonymous said...

He is sooooo cute! Thank you so much for sharing with us!
Rebekah D.

Darcee said...

I LOVE ♥ LOVE that his fav gift was that BIG OLE BOX! Holy Smokes! How did he get into that giant thing!! :) ha ha ha! He's sooooooooooooooooooooo DARN CUTE!!!


Alison said...

He is precious!!! Love the cute box pictures!!