Monday, January 10, 2011

Mimi's Crazy Family =)

So I was totally going to stop with our personal family Christmas {since I was so behind} rather than go into our extended family as well...but I was looking through these pictures and I just loved them too much!  So if you don't care, you have my permission to pass over these posts!  These are for ME! =)

My adorable niece =)  Product of THE Vintage Dutch Girl =)

Candle for our missing babe =)  Come home soon sweetie!!

This is what cRaZy looks like!

Miss Maleah, making us all laugh! =)

So excited to put this in Lil Miss' room!

He was a bit spoiled by his grandparents =)

Santa's elves AND lovebirds =)

Uncle Shane playing STAR WARS with Caleb and Micah after they got matching Light Sabors

Joanie and Laura


Yes, she wants them ALL! =)

Grandma, Grandpa, and the Grandbabies!


The "up-too-late-after-dinner-energy-high" =)  But do you think I put the monkey to bed now?  I don't think so!  Instead we all changed into our PJs for some more fun!

The "big kids" + Monkey helping grandma unwrap her funny present! =)

Showin' some STYLE!

Isn't he cute?!?

Believe me there is a story behind this hideous shirt!

But this is the most you'll get from it =)


I love my family!!!! =)


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missy said...

what a FUN family!!!