Saturday, January 22, 2011

Canvas Heart WINNER!!

Please forgive me my dear faithful readers.  I have failed to be punctual.  Yet again. 
I don't do it on purpose, I most sincerely promise.  But I think I have a problem.
So now you get to see how glamorous I am past midnight...
YEAH RIGHT!!!  =)  Like I'd be showing you this pajama'd, sewing-crazed woman at THIS time of night! =D

Time for the giveaway!  I spent FAR to long trying to figure out those online random generater chooser thingy's....if someone's got that down pat, give me a heads up please!  Would be nice for future midnight-slacking-to-post-a-winner events like such.  NOT that this will ever happen again!!!  Aww...who am I kidding??  It's a perpetual problem, I tell ya!
{P.S. I get kinda wierd/crazy when I'm tired...just sayin'!}

Okie dokie!!! 
\So here's my pretty draw-a-name-from-thingy!  {Made it myself, try to resist the compliments ;)}

Enter in all 54 fabulous entries {and thanks for the compliments ladies...these were fun ones to read!  And not just 'cause they were nice about ME =)}......

Shuffle up the numbah's and....

We have a WINNER!!!
Step on up, lucky {?} number 13!!!!!

Shawny is an adoptive mom I've met through the Babycenter Community who is adopting from Congo.  She has a beautiful little girl waiting for her as they wait to pass court and call her officially theirs!!!

Shawny wrote...
"I like the 8x10 piece similar to the one you got and I'd give it to a friend in ET right now for an undetermined period of time trying to bring her daughter home!"

What a great friend you are Shawny!  She will absolutely love Crystal's work and such a great gift to an adoptive mama!  Contact me at with your email address so I can forward that on to Crystal please =)

Thank you all who entered and put up with my tardiness/wierdoness!!! =)



Mindy said...

Awww, man!!! Redo, redo!!! :)

4 Blessings said...

Congrats to the winner. I know they will love theirs as much as we love E's. I thought the one she created for you was precious!

To help with the giveaways, I have my comments numbered so that it is very easy to put your total in the number generator and then to find your winner. I posted about it a long time ago, here is the link and it is #3:

Hope that helps!

Crystal said...

Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway for me! I loved reading everyone's sweet commments. :) What a pick-me-up!

Can't wait to hear from Shawny!