Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Hub's CRAZY Fam =)

Okay...we're ALMOST to the end of the Christmas parties...or at least the ones I took pictures of.  This is my Hubby's side of the family.  His mom was very much present, but since she is just a couple days post-surgery in these photos, I'm not going to share them.  Please know she is doing GREAT, but could definately continue to use your prayers during her recovery!

Monkey helping Grandpa take down the stockings

Too excited?  Nah!  Just the right amount!

These two are besties....love it!

"Open please" says Monkey with a container of M&Ms found in his stocking =)

Present from Uncle M and Auntie J in Germany

Pimpin' hat - THANK YOU!!

Rockin' the hat sideways with his new POLICE CAR from GREAT-Grandma!  Woohoo!

Chocolate for breakfast?  It's Christmas...sure, why not?!?

I think it was good...what do you think?

Uncle Tony attacked Grandpa in the kitchen =)

YUM!  Thanks for all the hard work dad!

Michelle and Dad

Shane and Michelle

Pile 'O Gifts

Silly faces run in the family....


And see??....

And see??...

I feel like Desperate Housewives....without the drama!

Just woke up from his nap, but ready for the unwrapping fun!

Matching coats - SO cute!

Yay!  Choochoo!!!

Will they fit mama??  {CARS PJs}

Ugh....it's heavy!

A smooch is the toll! =)

Uncle Tony

He's a PRO by this point

Chowin' on Italian Fried Dough....a family tradition!

He can't get enough....maybe that's a good thing, look at that teeny tummy!

Licking off the sugar, LOL!

Okay...now we're pooped!

Thanks for stickin' it out!  We love our family!!!!


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