Thursday, April 26, 2012

September -- Sibling Bonding, Hair, and ET New Year

In September, we made great strides in sibling bonding.  Like I said before, it really was only a few weeks of Monkey's attitude towards Cocoa.  But this month we saw such a sweet attitude towards his little sister.  Since she was still immobile (but not for long), we would watch him go and sit by her, addressing her as "sweetheart" or "honey".  (I know... *MELT* right?!?)  He would also share his beloved stuffed animals.  Aww....that boy just warms my heart!!

Love Monkey's expression here....and meet his sweet new lion that grandpa
and grandma purchased for him from the zoo while we were in ET!  Cute, huh?


Hey, get back here boy!!

Shirt says "Mommy's Pretty Girl" which was my fave shirt I bought for her...
I said that phrase A LOT!!! =)

Close up of those curls!

In the short few months Miss had been home, not only had her hair grown a TON (evidence is in the pics) but had thickened up as well.  The sweet baby hair care line I had purchased from was no longer cutting it on her head of curls.  So one day our family made a trip to Sephora (which felt like a huge outing for us!) and gathered a bazillion samples of Carol's Daughter's products.  When we got home I tried every single thing on her head and FELL. IN. LOVE.  I guess you can call me a Carol's Daughter addict -- it's true!  But look how shiny those curls are!!!!  Soon after I placed my order online for every single product PLUS a few more.  Since then, I have diversified our product usage to other brands....but more to come on that later!  I promise -- a hair post is in the making!  And this is not like the promise that her room reveal is coming (which it still is, I promise ;)....I have adoptive moms asking me for this all the time!  So yes, I WILL do a break down of our routine and our product stash and what has worked for us and what doesn't!  Stay tuned...

How we spent most afternoons getting ready for a nap!!

Typical: Cocoa wanting to be RIGHT NEXT to her brother
Monkey wanting her to go away.  =)

LOVE this face -- makes me laugh everytime!
She REALLY loved the swing!

Gummy smile =)

Spent the entire summer with a blanket under the umbrella and lots of toys!
That...and the swimming pool!

See?  Making headway with Monkey!

And yes -- she learned to pull herself up!  YAY COCOA!!!

Well, September also brought our first Ethiopian holiday to celebrate as a FAMILY -- Ethiopian NEW YEAR!!!  And you know I didn't hesitate to break out the traditional outfits I had purchased for these kiddos and spring a photo shoot on them after church!  Aww, they are soooo cuuuuute!!!!

Very proud of her newly discovered skill =)

Why yes, I DO have this framed!!!

Clapping -- another talent of hers!

Lighting was just PERFECT...I love this thoughtful look!

Love her =)
Welp!  In order not to completely overwhelm you with pictures, that's all for now!!!  Coming up -- Monkey's birthday party and Cocoa's dedication!  I TOLD ya a lot happened this month!!! =)


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