Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Rest of August

Since grandma had made a solo trip to come help us out, grandpa felt like he had missed out.  Desperate to get his arms around his newest granddaughter, they made excuses to come visit again.  Not that we were complaining.  Cocooning can feel rather lonely at times, and some quiet company is just what mom and dad needed to feel connected to the outside world =)

I love that he is smiling so big he almost looks mean...haha!

Yep!  Mastered the sitting up!

As you can see, August brought us some beautiful sunny days for a change!  I finally got to pull out some adorable summer clothes without needing to layer cardigans and jeans on top of them!  As you can see, Miss mastered the sitting at last...but don't let the pictures fool you -- she wasn't QUITE crawling!  So these were her 8 month photos from mama!!!  What a joy to be able to celebrate each milestone WITH her now!!!!  Precious, precious little gift from God!!!

I had fun getting matchy-matchy with my Cocoa for church.  And since I felt we had made such strides in our bonding, I began small with her hair, teaching her that it was a part of our every day like.  So no...this is not her first was just me getting my hands in her hair as fast as I could.  See, she SCREAMS bloody murder when I do her hair (still does often).  So instead of being the perfectionistic hairstylist that I am and making sure parts were perfect and such....I simply grabbed some hair and put some scrunchies in.  Just to teach her that we wash her hair, we put product in it, we detangle, and we style.  Routine is KEY I believe!

So that's the rest of August for you!!!  Now on to September....we had A LOT happen in September, so bear with me! =)  Until then...


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