Thursday, March 3, 2011

Monkey & Lil Miss

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!  I have never received so many comments in my LIFE!  I can't tell you what a JOY and PLEASURE it was to read each and every one of them.  Someday when this adoption is all said and done, we plan to print my blog into a book so I can relish over each of those words....and ONE day, show T how LOVED she is.  Seriously, THANK YOU!

{P.S. Quite a few of you have somehow escaped this blog post.  Please go read it and make the necessary changes so I can respond to future comments!  Purdy please?!?} of the questions I get a lot is how Monkey is responding to all this excitement.  In all honesty, referral day was a little bit hard for him.  Mama was on the phone basically all day....between phone calls to our caseworker and sharing our excitement with everyone we knew...he got very little attention from me.  Daddy, on the other hand, was busy handling the emails and getting started on the paperwork.  If you haven't gone through the adoption process before, let me tell you it is exhausting and a complete WHIRLWIND...but completely worth every second!  But in all the excitement, I completely forgot to eat...and I'm sure Monkey's diet that day wasn't a whole lot better than mine.  But it that alone is an improvement, right?!?  =)

{And my advice for those currently waiting for the call that changes their lives?!?  BAKE - TO - FREEZE!!!  If I had a scale to weigh myself I could tell you how much I lost this week, but all I can do is base it off the way my clothes fit.  *I* can handle the change...but my boys can't.  Considering I still haven't gotten around to doing the dishes or our can imagine the food situation =)  Prepare yourself!}

Introducing Monkey to his little sister may not have been the magical moment I had hoped for (being completely spontaneous and all) but the way he gasps every time he sees her face makes me think her beauty just takes his breath away =)

Squirming away
The first time Monkey saw Miss T was during our referral call.  He came up to ask daddy to play cars with him and daddy pulled him on his lap and showed him T's picture.  I wanted so badly to stop him because my camera wasn't ready and I wanted to be in the moment...not to have my attention divided by being on this important phone call....but it was too late.  In all honesty, Monkey didn't even care.  He squirmed and whined and begged for daddy to "come play".  It made me a little bit sad, but mostly just because I realized that this was the first he was seeing of his daddy that day and I knew how badly he just wanted that undivided attention.

After we got off the call and things had settled a teensy bit, we reintroduced him to Lil Miss.  He squirmed at first, until we asked him to show us her eyes...and then he got a little excited.

That's her!

Studying her picture 

Love this smile =)

Kisses for baby sister!

Showing us that its the same little sister we've been talking about for the past 18 months =)

Nothing magical, just endearing....what more could you expect from a toddler, right?!?  It was precious in his own cute little way =)

Now he has his own 4x6 picture of his little sister with its bends and creases, but he carries it around and occasionally loses it...and it makes me smile =)  Several times a day I pull out her pictures and we go through them pointing out her adorable features and he says, "I love you sister" and gives her sweet little face a kiss.  I may be a little biased...but I think he's going to be the BEST big brother ever!!! =)

Studying the 8x10

When it was time for bed, Monkey took her picture into his room.  We talked about where she was, and how we hoped she'd be home soon, and said a little prayer for her.  Monkey kissed her picture one last time before handing it to me to put on his shelf until morning.

I guess this is your first glimpse of his "big boy bed"....ONE day I actually post about that =)

"That's MY baby mama!"


"Here you go mama!"

Ahh...can't WAIT to have my two kiddos together at last!



Alison said...

Awwww! So precious! Yep, I think he is going to be a great big brother!!

Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

Thanks for posting...I was wondering how your life has changed over the last few days. So glad to hear things are going awesome. Can't wait to hear travel dates now :)

Two Little Birds said...

I did not get to post on your last post, but here it goes..CONGRATULATIONS!! I am sure the joy is beyond words to see her sweet little face for the first time. I loved reading about Monkey and his responce. It gives me motivation for our referral and our son's reaction. Congrats again!

Because of Love said...

Love! I love how he is kissing his sister and carrying her picture around.

Anonymous said...

All of I can say right now is that I love you guys and feel so blessed to be witness to all that you are going through. Thank you for being such incredible people and for allowing us to be a part of your lives.

Rebekah Dibble

Debb said...

Oh, isn't Monkey sweet! You are right! He WILL make a great big bro! Glad you are still on Cloud 9.....enjoy it! I think I can see that beautiful smile of yours all the way over here, in Idaho! Ha! :D Love it!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Precious...we have had our kiddos respond in many different ways....some almost ignore them, other times they run out to throw their arms around them!


meredith and justin said...

That is the sweetest thing!

Sarah said...

So sweet!! And thanks for all the helpful tips- keep them coming cuz I am taking notes!!!