Thursday, March 24, 2011

Special Delivery & OH-so-exciting!!!!!!!

Since I have a series of posts to do on post-referral stuff, these are going to be back-dated a bit.  But not only have I been receiving REQUESTS to get these out, but I want them for T's baby album someday.  But bear with me, I've got some potentially exciting news tagged on the end here! ;)

March 10, 2011

While mama was preparing dinner, Monkey got excited after hearing a knock on our front door!  We don't often have unexpected visitors, but we have been getting an awful lot of mail lately.  My suspicion was one was at the door.  Instead - a hefty package!  HOW EXCITING!  {I always love receiving packages, don't you?  It's always good fun!}

Seeing AGCI's address as the sender, I immediately got out the camera.  What could this be?!?  I might have forgotten if my friend hadn't recently told me she received HERS so I kinda knew what it was...but exciting nonetheless!

I tell ya, this is such a sweet gift to receive!  Such a small detail in the grand scheme of things, but shows how much our caseworkers care about each child and each family.  I truly was touched to receive this.

So what was inside???

A sweet stuffed animal for baby T, {But surprisingly, still not her first!  We received a stuffed bunny a few days after we got our referral from one of my husband's co-workers!} an AGCI calendar, {which I've been wanting} a journal to keep track of our spiritual growth through the final waiting process, our copies of the contracts, and our travel packet!

The travel packet was kind of exciting to read through - it had a run down of what each trip would be like and a rough itinerary.  It was exciting, overwhelming, and just a little cRaZy!!!  It's still a little hard to believe either of those trips will actually be happening - that we will actually go to AFRICA!  And can't come fast enough.  {Those are some crazy mama emotions going on right there!}

Well, then it was just back to dinner with Monkey's help!  I can't tell for sure if he liked it, can you?!?  ;)

Thank you AGCI {specifically Kiersten!} for the thoughtful package!  The little duckling is already propped up in T's nursery, the calendar hung up, the journal written in, and the travel packet read {and "already" may not sound too impressive there...except it all happened the day/evening I got it ;)  Promise!}.  Can't tell you how much we appreciate all the little things you do to make each step of this journey exciting and a moment to remember!

****And now for the "potentially exciting" news, as I once put it =)****

Okay, you already knew that!  But OH {Ordinary Hero} just announced TODAY that they are giving a $100 grant to the first affiliate family to earn $100 in proceeds TOMORROW through their store!!!  Now, that's PROCEEDS not SALES {meaning the 40% we make off their items, not the sale price}.  BUT!!!!!  I think we can totally do it, but we need YOUR HELP!!!  

**Make sure the credit goes to us by choosing "Domesticated Diva" as the affiliate in the drop down menu during checkout**

In all honesty, this whole fundraising thing has exhausted me.  I hate that we KEEP having to ask for your help.  But we're so close...and seeing T's face, we can't give up now!  So please, you can DOUBLE our efforts by supporting us by purchasing through OH tomorrow.  Would you please consider going to their store and purchasing something under our affiliate name {Domesticated Diva - names kept private for our protection} and spreading the word!  

I am SO THANKFUL to each and every one of you for supporting us through this journey.  Regardless of what you decide, we are CONFIDENT God will provide every penny.  That's why we can't just drop it.  We need to take advantage of every opportunity we have to get our sweetie home!!!  Join us!!!!

You can read more about our fundraising HERE.



Darcee said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOH YAY!!!! I totally LOVE your AWESOME package from AGCI! HOW COOOOOL! ♥ PRAYING for you and all of your AMAZING fund raising efforts! I just LOVE ♥ LOVE Ordinary HERO!!

P.S Cupcake and Conversations were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much FUN! I LOVE spending time with you!!!

Erika Reiner said...

You're on the home stretch!!! What a fun package to receive! She's almost home! Each day is full of tons of excitement and curiosity I bet.

What a fun journey to follow!

Elle J said...

So you can track - when I made my purchase on OH now, they did not have an easy place to add your name so I just put it in the "Shipping Instructions" section. I am sure it will be credited, but just fyi. SO excited for you; continuing to pray for you too. =)