Friday, March 25, 2011


In all the referral excitement, I forgot to post our birthday celebrations.  Just as my genius husband predicted, T's referral came RIGHT in between our two birthdays {which happen to be only two weeks apart}.  It was the best and most perfect gift either of us could have ever asked for {which apparently to my husband means that he doesn't even need to buy me a gift ;)  It's okay though...couldn't even think of something I would want at this point.} and we are SO THANKFUL for God's timing in this!

So for my HUBBY'S BDAY, I started off by surprising him at work with cupcakes!  I'd like to say Monkey helped me make them, but really he was just going to town on the frosting so that I had to keep making more.  OR was that just because of how much frosting I was using??  Hmm...we'll never know!  It was a great surprise for him...I know he always loves seeing his Lil Man and showing Monkey off to all his co-workers.  {I mean, c'mon...he IS pretty adorable!!!}

Think Monkey enjoyed surprising daddy??

Monkey and I also surprised daddy with a birthday gift.  Being that our birthdays are so close to Christmas AND our anniversary, we often times just do one big gift for all four.  But I couldn't'll see why:

I know its a poor quality photo...but I loved his expression!  That man LOVES his boy!

Patiently Waiting for me to figure out my camera settings...

Babe, you are no "ordinary hero" to are an extraordinary hero!!!  

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For his birthday dinner, I made a huge old lasagna, which was meant to share with our friends!!  But because of the SNOW {crazy Seattle weather} they weren't able to make it.  Literally AS dinner was in the oven, my friend Trish called and asked if she could drop off some HH donations so I invited her and her husband {and new baby} over for dinner.  It was like it was mean to be....what a perfect evening!  We got to catch up with our friends, who we hadn't seen in MONTHS as well as meet their daughter {and she is BEAUTIFUL}!

{P.S. Even though we are ALWAYS collecting HH donations and would gladly take them off your hands, I won't promise to always have dinner ready when you arrive.  Sorry.  I think this was a one time deal...but if we need to plan a dinner date, let me know!}

For dessert I made a super duper wicked awesome ice cream cake!!  That was HUB'S only request for his birthday so I googled it and MADE. IT. HAPPEN.  =)  Cuz...YOU know...I'm cool like that ;)  We ALL thought it turned out pretty good though!  {Despite the layer shifting in the freezer.  I know, unforgivable, right?!?}

Lit up like a Christmas tree!

Blowing out the candles ~ Monkey giggling

Monkey giving new baby Katie kisses =)

For MY BDAY, it was only a week after T's referral...and after a super busy run-around week, both my boys ended up sick.  Instead of spending "MY" day taking care of them, I took off shopping ALL DAY with my mom.  Hey!  You wouldn't want to be stuck in a house full of sick whiny boys all day either, would you?!?  Don't judge!  =)

It ended up being an awesome day {even though I was very sad to be apart from the people I love most}.  I got to show off Baby T's photos to my mom IN PERSON for the first time.  We sat over coffee and cupcakes {yes, for breakfast} ooooing and awwwwing over ever little expression and studying T's features.  Then after caffeinating ourselves, it was off to do what we do best - SHOPPING!  We went to the outlet because: 1) I wanted to buy some things for my daughter and they have Carters, Oshkosh, Children's Place, AND Gymboree!!! and 2) I wanted to shop for MYSELF for Africa and they have Banana Republic, JCREW, Gap, plus a million other places I love!  To say shopping was a SUCCESS is an understatement!  We ROCKED that mall!  I ended up with several outfits for myself AND for Baby T.  But we didn't stop there!!!  We went out for dinner and then to Target, where I bought yet another outfit for T!  And YES my husband nervously eyed those bags when I toted them indoors, but thankfully my mama spoiled me with some a lot of it!  Yay for birthdays, right?!?

Monkey was missing mama by the time I got home...but I had a great day...and they had an okay one.  To be expected with sickies.

SINCE we weren't able to celebrate ON my actual birthday, my husband did the right thing and made plans for us once their health improved!  He spoiled me by taking me to one of my favorite restaurants {Buca di Beppo} for dinner {WITH Monkey...because that's a REAL birthday to me!} and then got me a movie, wine coolers {a rare treat!} and COLDSTONE CREAMERY CUPCAKES for dessert!!!  {See why the no gift thing wasn't such a big deal?!?}  Mmmmmm....I was in heaven!

Waiting for our food...

My handsome men!

Best salad EVER - I used to CRAVE this when I was pregnant, but of course...I couldn't even EAT it then because of the Gorgonzola cheese.  =(

Spicy and OH SO DELICIOUS!!!

Just YUM!
{PLEASE tell me I'm not the only person who takes pictures of their food!!!  Hahaha!}

Lil Man was fed up at this point...

Love this kid to pieces!

So yeah....a big, fat... us! =)

****On a completely separate note...please pray for THIS family...friend of a friend I met a couple times at mom's group who's 7 month old daughter just had a heart transplant surgery.  They have a long road ahead of them yet, but they see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'm sure they could use some encouragement, so pop on over and leave them a note to smile at =)


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