Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas-y Cheer!

I know, I know.  I have been MIA.  Why?  There are too many reasons to count.  There have been a few painful experiences in our life in the last little bit, mixed in with a million blessings.  But have you ever noticed how easy it is to focus on the painful ones?  Well, today I want to focus on the blessings!  After all, it IS the season of CHEER!

1. You all know what I want most for Christmas this year: our referral!  Although moving 8 spots on that list seems highly unlikely for the month of December, I know that nothing is too big for our God (and yes that DOES mean we are #8...unofficially!).  For that reason, I am continuing to pray for our miracle.  However, I am expecting that January will be our month (specifically the week of the 15th, since that will be our 9 month mark on the waitlist).  Regardless of what are timeline is, I feel so grateful that God has blessed me with His peace right now.  I am anxious to see her face, but I feel very at peace with His timing in our lives.

2. Our master bedroom is finished.  Kinda.  Maybe I should say its liveable.  But its more than that.  Its not finished finished, but it looks amazing and I am so excited about it!  I know you are all still waiting for a pic, and I promise one is coming.  It's just hard to take a picture of an unfinished room.  But SINCE it is in the backburner while we prepare the nursery, I guess you can take a peek. can take a peek later!  =)

3. My house has been Christmasfied!  Instead of donating my huge bins of Christmas decor from my December wedding 7 years ago (yes, that anniversary is RIGHT around the corner!) I decided to be selfish and enjoy it myself.  This house is DECKED OUT!  And I LOVE it!  The tree has even more ornaments this year (thanks to a husband who loves to put a smile on my face =).  Plus I have garland, twinkle lights, and glitter EVERYWHERE!  "ITS SO SPARKLY!!!"  (Lame, cheesy mom award here....line from "Suite Life of Zack and Cody"....LOL!)  Plus (mom, are you listening to this???) I garlanded (yes, that's a word, a MEGAN word!) up my fence and added twinkle lights OUTSIDE!!!  This is new for me folks!  Need proof?  =)  Okie dokie!!

Fun huh???  Hmmm...I'm finding a FEW things wrong with these pictures.  So PLEASE don't laugh at my lack of cleaning up before the pictures.  Don't TELL me you don't see that!!!

LOL!!! =)

4. I am ahead of the game this year.  I know...who IS this girl, you ask???  No clue.  But SOMEHOW I managed to get all my gifts bought and wrapped (with one exception), Christmas cards sent, and I've EVEN started my Christmas baking before Christmas Eve!  I'm shocked.  Seriously.  Can you believe I was once known as the "Queen of Procrastination"??  I still sometimes resemble that girl, but not right now!!! =)  Once again, PROOF: (Well, that and the Christmas card in your mailbox =)

5. I just learned how to make Cinnamon cool is THAT?!?  YUM!  I'm about to gain even more weight than I origionally thought this season:

6. We have the best agency EVER!  I can't praise AGCI enough!  They go so far above and beyond my expectations.  I have nothing but respect for our agency and thankfulness that God led us there!  And now that I'm getting TIRED and READY for bed, I'll leave you with this sweet video our agency put together to show you some of the beautiful faces of adoption.  ...and as far as the painful stuff in our IS improving (I think).  But you prayer warriers out there, we would definately appreciate you lifting us up!  Sorry, I just can't go into it any more than that for now.


meredith and justin said...

I love your decorations. I am praying there will be lots of referrals this month and that you get to see your precious girl's face very soon!

Debb said...

HOW FUN!!! Your decorations look GREAT! I decorated the inside the weekend after Thanksgiving......BUT!....we still have not gotten our tree! TODAY!!!! YAY!!!! You have me way beat on wrapping presents, girl! Haven't even thought of wrapping yet....still shopping! I best hurry up as I have some gifts I need to ship! Yikes! ALL GOOD FUN!

Will lift you and your family up in prayer for the not-so-good things going on; as well as for THE CALL!!! (we have been #5 for over SEVEN weeks now! NO MOVEMENT! Ugh!) All in God's timing! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU!

Alison said...

LOVE all of your fun and sparkly Christmas decorations! Have been working on decorating our tree all night! So tired...but wanted to to tell you that I am praying for you, friend!! :)

BB said...

very cute! We are the brightest house in our circle, at first they all thought we were crazy with sooo many lights but not they are trying harder so it is looking pretty fun. Our anniversary is Dec. 20th!- yeah for Christmas weddings, it is the best time of year. When is yours?

Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

Love the are one step ahead of us - we are not even decorating this year :)

erica said...

The decorations look fabulous! As do the new photos on your blog...

SO HOPING for a few more referrals this week - I get cranky when we have a dry spell....

Can't wait to see the master bedroom pics! And I truly hope this week goes better for you! Blessings!