Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Houndstooth Scarf Winner!!!!

Thank you all who entered this very fun giveaway!  It was fun to see how everyone's taste varies to some degree...but we can all agree on one thing!  The infinity scarves ROCK! 

And a huge THANK YOU to VintageDutchGirl for this awesome giveaway!!!!

So I cut out a million evenly-sized pieces of paper, wrote your name on for each time you entered, put it in this cute little jar here....

...had my Hubs mix it all up (Monkey couldn't WAIT to get in on the fun!)...

....and my Monkey draw a name...just ONE Monks!

(and YES I know those rockstar pajamas are stinkin' CUTE, aren't they?? ;)

And the WINNER of the aDORable houndstooth scarf IS......

Congratulations Rebekah I will be emailing you the details shortly!!!!  Rebekah is an AWESOME friend (and previous co-worker) of mine.  I'm sad she doesn't have a blog and I can link you to, but I'm pretty excited because I know she will LOVE this scarf! 

Thanks again guys!!!



Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!! How exciting!!! Love to you and the boys!

Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

Yeah congrats...I am going to have to order one :)

Jenny said...

yay for rebekah!