Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December Number!!! & What's In A Name???

The clock is ticking and our time is almost here that we will get to celebrate our much-anticipated referral call!  It's official - we're in SINGLE DIGITS!!!!

Not long now before that 9 fades into a 1 and then into a beautiful little face to gaze at!  Oh what a celebration THAT will be - I just can't WAIT!

So many thoughts are flooding my mind right now...
     -Somewhere, someone is making a VERY hard decision.
     -I miss my baby.
     -The nursery isn't finished started yet.
     -Our life is about to change forever...again!

But words don't accurately describe my heart. 

We've been discussing her maybe name a lot lately.  I haven't mentioned it on here before because we are rather secretive about names during pregnancies (not to mention, I've been trying hard not to mention our names on this blog period...not sure yet if I will make an exception for Lil Miss).  With our son, we didn't announce his name (even to FAMILY) until we were introducing him in the hospital.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of surprise left in pregnancy...and especially since I HAD to know the sex, I really wanted to surprise everyone with the name. 

With holding it in...there's a lot of uncertainty sometimes.  You don't know what others will think (but that only matters a TINY bit) or if it will fit the child you already love to pieces...  So we've been saying Lil Miss' name around here a lot.  Although in HER case, we're not sure yet if we will use her given name as her first name or possibly a middle name?  We don't know it yet, so its hard to make that decision until we know her.

Already though, it seems like her name fits her.  That may sound funny...but we've been learning more about the meaning behind the name we have chosen and it seems to fit our journey and our feelings towards her and our prayer for her.  It seems so unreal that someday I'll be saying it out loud (in public)!

How did YOU choose a name for your child?  Did you choose it because it sounded beautiful or flowed well?  Did you choose a family name that had a significance for you?  Did you choose it because of the meaning?  Everyone seems to have unique reasons as to why they name their child what they do and I'm curious what yours is....please share! 


Jenny said...

super duper excited that you're getting closer! i hope yesterday's referrals carry on today!

haha... we chose Jai while watching football... we had already had a different name picked out with our Korean adoption and knew we wanted to change it since we changed countries. it seemed like that other name was attached to the little Korean baby in our minds... so anyway, we were watching a college game (we're huge football fans) and a player had the name Jai and we just liked it :-) so a bit of a different way from how we'd normally come up with a name, but that's it!

Mindy said...

I am SOOOO excited for you to be in single digits!!!!! YAY!!!!!

For us we used family names for both of our boys middle names. For their first names we found a name that together we agreed on and that's what we named them.

For our little Miss (you already know her name!) for our first name we chose a name we both liked and agreed on together. Then we will most likely use her given Ethiopian name for her 1st middle name and my middle name (which is my Grandma's name) for her 2nd middle name. We're going all out on this girl since she'll probably be our only girl!! :)

Just another thought - but I think that whatever name you pick for her she will grow into. Even if at first you are unsure, the more you say her name and especially once you see her you will think more and more how her name fits her.

Good luck and I can't wait to hear the good news of your referral SOON!!!!!

Lara said...

1.) I can't imagine how antsy you must be! I am going to be a mess once we are farther down the waitlist.

2.) I named my children in a very shallow manner: I just chose names I liked the sound of. We gave our children family middle names so their names had some meaning! However, we do have a name in mind for this little one, Isaiah. We chose that because God used Isaiah 1:17 in a very powerful way to speak to us about adoption.

Anonymous said...

ok- so before josiah and i even got married we had our daughter's name picked out lol. Kierra May. Kierra means "dark haired" and May means "maiden." Obviously, I was hoping she'd be born with my dark hair. Turns out her's is a little lighter, but it's still brown... anyway, there's more. May/Mae is a family name that runs on both sides of our family. We chose the spelling "May" because Kierra was born in May. I was born in April and my middle name is April... get it? April May :) ~ Jessie

Darcee said...

Soooooooo exciting to see that LITTLE number 9!!!! :) WOWIE! SO CLOSE! I'm SO excited for you and for what God has in store for your family! ♥ I'm sure you have chosen a beautiful name - no matter what it is I'm sure she will LOVE it... and YOU! ♥

Sure hope to hear our New December numbers before the end of the week...


BB said...

We chose our baby girl name & middle name because of its meaning, sounded pretty, went well with our other kids names. Since I am a graphic designer it had to look great written out (I am not a big fan of descender letters in the middle of a name! haha)

I am sure your name is beautiful and the perfect fit for her. Yeah for being #9!

Brandon and Kari + 1 said...

I know how you feel like a balloon ready to burst with excitement and anticipation!! I loved choosing a name and ours was simply just because we liked it and did not want to be original...middle name is my dad's name who does not have any sons (I am a daddy's girl big time)...our name is...Westyn Craig Mulder!! Can't wait to hear yours :)

Lauren said...

So excited for you that you are in single digits!!!!! :):)

We don't have a unique story - just that we both finally agreed on Tucker! :)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I guess when we first met our Abigail it was a Bible name, a smart woman and meant source of Joy- doesn't get any clearer. Then our next child well we thought we'd go for another Bible name. We also like names that are easy to spell!!! Along with meaning- is very important to us...that's how we choose them. Now 8 children later...and we still love the names we have chosen :)

BrownEyedGirl-- said...

Single digits, and in no time it WILL be one!! Lots to be joyful about this season! We're still praying for a Christmas referral for you though!

As for the name, ours held tons of meaning. In Bible times, babies were usually named at the time of their birth or around an event or something that happened at that time of some significance, so we wanted to have a Biblical based name for each of our kids. IZ was the first boy name we just KNEW we both liked and the meaning is "The Lord Saves" and how fitting that is! We kept his middle name as his given name and we wanted the second middle name to be after a family member, and his is after Dusty's Dad. For Gabz, it's based off the angel Gabriel, we wanted her to have an Ethiopian-ish middle name to match IZ's, and we named her after my Mom for her 2nd middle name. I think names hold significance, look how many times God named someone for the purpose of the meaning to show to others. Good luck with your name search, I'm sure Lil Miss' name is perfect for her!

Debb said...

YIPPEEEEE!!!! SINGLE DIGITS!!! SO EXCITING! You will be staring at the face of your babe in no time at all! Will pray that you endure this last phase of waiting to see her picture with ease! (we are in the same "phase" and it is KILLING me! ha!) We still haven't totally chosen a name for our little one(s), but what we have narrowed down to have to do with their meaning and how well they flow. Can't wait to hear the name you chose for your lil' miss! (if you chose to put it on the blog!) Blessings to you!

Alison said...

So excited that ya'll are in the single digits!! And we chose all of our kids first names by what they meant and some are family names, and the middle name is a Biblical name or characteristic. And each of our kids has a Bible verse we picked out that goes along with what their names is painted on canvases in their rooms! Oh, and all our kids names start with the letter C! :)

missy said...

with lulu, we didn't choose a name until after we saw her face, though we had talked about names. it was important to the older 3 that her name be 4 letters like theirs b/c it was like a family identity thing. there was really only one name my husband liked and it fit her. she needed a happy name. it means "light" and our consistent prayer is that she would be a light to the nations. that meaning fits her since she has always seemed lit up from within. "may" is for the month when she was relinquished and then matched with our family...bittersweet yet all by god's hand. and "rediet" is her given name. honestly, it was hard for me to not keep it as her first name. especially since it means "blessings" and it is the only thing she has from her birthmom. though, i know her name is right if i had to do it over, i think i would push to keep it as her first name and find a 4 letter nickname that worked better for our culture since it is hard to pronounce.

i am excited for you to be saying the name you are thinking of as you move on up that list!!!!!!!!!