Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Pumpkin spice lattes.  The first day of school.  Leaves on the ground.  Rain.  All signs that fall is near (Well...except for the rain.  In Seattle that's obviously year-round!). 

I've been completely in denial that our summer is ending.  But I think the time has come to *choke it out Megs* embrace it?!?  I know most of you (especially you southerners) are celebrating the fact that you had a nice, long summer.  That is not the case here in Washington.  I think the past 10 months have made for one of the cruddiest in history for Seattle weather.  Winter was Fall - chilly, windy, rainy....but not quite cold enough for snow...for an ACTUAL winter. 

I invested in a great pair of ski pants, jacket, and boots for my little toddler because of the months of snow storms the year before and NEVER USED IT!  This IS Washington, isn't it? 

Then our Fall-like weather continued until....July actually.  Blah, gray 50-something degree weather and rain.  From October through June.  SO wish I was kidding.

 July the sunshine came out, and was pretty steadily between 70-80 through mid-August....a few scorchers, but nothing we couldn't handle.  In fact we were GREATFUL for those sweaty, humid, hair's-curling-outta-control days (at least I was..)! 

But here it is....the LAST day of August....and I have the HEAT on.  Its rainy, cold, stormy...and frankly I have sweatpants, knee-high socks, and a SWEATSHIRT on right now WHILE sitting by the heater.  PA-THE-TIC!

So....tomorrow is September.  What am I going to do?  Break out some Fall-like decorations, put some soup in the crockpot, pull the sweaters out of the far-reaches (next to my tanks) of the closet, and embrace Fall.  Looking on the BRIGHT side of things....as my dear mother pointed out...Fall means one season CLOSER to my Lil Miss.  THAT I can hold onto.  THAT can pull me STRAIGHT out of my denial and let me *swallow* embrace Fall.  Wish me luck!


Janet said...

I'm with you! We had to bust out the rain jackets and rubber boots to take our daughter to her kindergarten open house. BUT, pumpkins are coming, which means we get to sew halloween costumes, drink hot stuff in mugs all day long and light candles! You are so right, one season closer!

Jenny said...

i do LOVE fall... but i also live in the south where we have a nice long summer! if we could only have 3 seasons and do away with winter, i'd be alright with that!!! i just need to move somewhere that's like that... i can't wait to put up fall decorations and pull out the crockpot!!!! but then again, i didn't just get through 10 months of fall :-)