Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fun on the Farm!!!

It's been a little while since I've updated here.  It's been a very busy summer over here!  When you only get a few weeks of great weather, you've GOT to make the most of it.  So that's exactly what we've been doing!

Being the pathological picture taker that I am, I have a TON of photos to catch up with.  So for those of you who are photo people, you are gonna like these next few posts!  For those of you who aren''re CRAZY!  =)

Now that I've told you how BEAUTIFUL its been in Seattle for the month of August, I'm going to show you pictures from one of the rainiest days.  But believe me, there's been some scorchers mixed in there! 

Flashback to August 7 (Seven??  Wow, I'm REALLY behind!) we had a company picnic (my mother-in-law's company picnic) in L-town (our hometown).  Normally not our cup of tea.  But after hearing about a farm turned play-yard, including horse-back rides, train rides, bouncy houses, waterslides, human bowling, and a HUGE feast we decided to make the two hour drive for a day of fun.  Being it AUGUST and all, we assumed the weather would be nice.  It really was a gorgeous week with some 80 weather.  But when Saturday came, so did the rain.  And it rained HARD.  So excuse me if my hair's a frizzy mess and my mascara's running down my face...because here in Seattle?  Only the tourists carry umbrellas! =)

So here is a glimpse of our fun on the farm (and yes we did have fun, despite the rain)...

Sitting on daddy's shoulders to watch the balloon stomp

Monkey and Mama trying to stay under GOD'S umbrella's (aka TREES)

My MIL and Hubs there back-to-back waiting for the whistle to start the BALLOON STOMP!

Balloon - tied to ankle....last one remaining WINS!

Monkey getting dad some sympathy points! =)

Love the action shot =)

Then on to the...Coin Toss??  They threw a bunch of coins into this pile of hay and different age groups got to sort through it.  This is ages 1-3...parents got to help, but only the kids could PICK UP the coins.

Monkey made $17!  WOOHOO!  (And bought himself a JR Black and Decker tool set at Costco....gotta love kid money!)

Lunch time!!!  Someone was a little overdue for a nap, can you tell?

Thank GOODNESS some friends brought a gazebo to keep us out of the downpour!

What?!?  Is this NOT how you're suppossed to eat PB&J?

Naptime?!?  In a STROLLER?!?  You've GOT to be kidding me mom!

Cookie Monster =)

When all else fails....TRAIN RIDE!!!  Or "go choo-choo" as Monkey put it! =)

Face painting...

...on BOTH sides! =)

Horseback rides with mama (MY first one since...middle school??? and Monkey's first EVER!)

Petting the horsey!

AND!  One more train ride before heading home.

Whew!!!  You exhausted yet?  We sure were by the end of that fun-filled day!  It was well worth the drive though.  Nothing like spending a day in the rain (in sandals) outside with your family.  Once a year...more than that and I would be one whiney girl! =)  But Monkey was a trooper and had a smile on his face most of the day (which is saying a lot for a 22 month old)...what more could I ask for???

Thanks mom and dad for inviting us for such a fun day!!!  So glad we got to spend it with you!



Katy said...

Megs, looks like an amazing summer! Sky is so big and I LOVE your hair as always.

Katy said...

Megs, looks like you had an amazing summer. Sky is so big and I love your hair as always. =)

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Looks fun to me!!

J Ouellette Family said...

Love all the pictures!! Looks like you had a great time!