Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Puma Family

This was not intentional.  Or on purpose!  Oh wait - those are the same thing!  =)

But REALLY!  It all started with ME (as most things do =).  I was shopping (as I often do) for my brother.  We walked into the Puma outlet to look for shoes.  He?  Yeah, he found nothing.  But ME!  (See how it always comes back to me? ;)  I found a KILLER SALE on shoes!  Considering I was actually avoiding working out because my ankles were hurting from my less-than-stellar shoes (oh who am I kidding?  I'm ALWAYS avoiding working out!) I thought it was time to invest in some new ones.  Twenty-five bucks don't sound bad, now does it?  For someone who hates tennishoes because their too ugly...yeah, they're pretty cute! =)

Then it was my husband.  Oh poor me....I haven't bought shoes in four years....oh my feet hurt!  (Such a winer, isn't he?)  So yeah...maybe it WAS time to invest in him too.  After all, most of the mulah is being spent on me anyway!  =)  Fortunately he found some he like on sale too.  Not an incredible sale like MINE, but decent enough for the only pair of shoes he'll buy for another three or four years.

And then there was Lil Man... (Oh yeah!  Forgot about him did we?  Almost?  No...not really.)  Well....the kid already has monster feet.  Monster feet that grow FAST!  Couldn't for the LIFE of me figure out why he complained when I put his Robeez on!  Ooooohhhh....is that your TOE?  Oops...guess those are a little tight.  Okay...guess YOU need shoes too!  What is THAT Nordstrom???  Toddler shoes??  On SALE???  Say WHAT?!?  They look "JUST LIKE DADDY'S!!!" (That's Skyler's excitement there, not to be mistaken for mine...)

Yeah....so THAT'S how we became "The Puma Family"!!!  Dun-dun-duuuunnnn!!!!  You likey???

And yes....Monkey would LOVE to show you his "cool soos like daddy's!"  Feel free to ask! =)



Jenny said...

super cute!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

I think that is very adorable. Of course he wants to be like daddy :) Awww.....

Alison said...

So cute! Love that ya'll have matching shoes!! :) Puma needs to do a commercial with your cute family!