Thursday, June 20, 2013


It's been a long time coming.  And if you've been reading between the lines you may have caught a hint or two.  These solid-toned dark locks of mine have been in dire need of a makeover for quite some time now.'s finally happened!  I took the plunge and made a change, letting my dear friend transform my look.

I gotta be honest, I kind of thought my kids were going to have some major opinions on it.  But neither of them said a word (and really hardly seemed to notice) as they wrapped their arms around me.

Cocoa did tease me that now I looked like her.  When I asked her, "you think mama's hair looks like your hair?" she answered "NO!  I-uh back" (translation, "no, mine's black) followed by a huge giggle.  Yeah...someone got her jokester attitude from her daddy ;)

I've got to admit, I still sometimes shock myself when I look in the mirror...but I'm slowly getting used it.  I better not get TOO used it though because in a couple weeks it's changing again!  Trying to get my hair to that icey blonde I keep drooling over!!! =)


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Amy said...

I REALLY like it! Can't wait to see the next phase. You are braver than I am. Not sure if I could try blond :)