Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday: Nail Art

My husband spoils me rotten - I'll admit that right now.  He definitely "gets" the daily challenges of being a stay at home mom and makes sure I get some free time here and there to regroup and relax.  I know...he's awesome, isn't he?

Well days before my best friend headed off for a girl's vacation to Vegas, she invited me to join her for a mani/pedi.  I hesitated to give her a definite answer, not sure if it was in our budget or not...but my hubby was quick to step in and say yes.

So off we went!  And I must say....this is probably the prettiest my natural nails have ever looked!

So was it worth it?  Definitely.  Especially if you do Shellac on the lasts for two weeks (longer if you aren't hard on your nails like I am).  Not to mention the salon we went to offered to fix it for FREE if it chipped before two weeks.  I may not have it in the budget to do this on a regular basis, but it definitely has inspired me to take better care of my hands and feet.

Thanks for dragging me out of the house Nicole!  And glad you had a great time in Vegas =)



Tessa said...

Love this! Super cute!

Mama Mimi said...

Thanks Tessa!