Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: Things I Love

Valentine's Day isn't exactly a highly celebrated event in this house...but it took even a further backseat this year.  We recently returned home from a mini vacation to Whistler, BC (which you can catch glimpses of if you are following me in Instagram or Facebook) and since then we have been battling one thing after the other.  Yep - both kids are sick...and new symptoms keep popping up so I don't think the end is in sight yet.  As if that wasn't enough of a reason, my hubby turns the big 3-0 next week, and assuming we both aren't hacking up our lungs, my parents are supposed to take the kids so we can have a weekend of sleeping in (yep, sounds heavenly, doesn't it?)  Not to mention we're planning an actual vacation (airplane and all) so the funds are being set aside for that.

So...I'll save the money on flowers and chocolates and diamond jewelry (do people actually do that for Valentine's?) and virtually share with you some of the things I love in the fashion world right now.  The top ten things that are calling my name and inspiring me (and you can see much more of that on Pinterest, where all these photos have been pinned by moi).

1. Cat Eye and Red Lips
This is my GO TO look and the quickest one for me to do, not to mention it works well with my porcelain skin.  If you aren't in the practice of using liquid liner (or a creme liner) it might take some getting used to...but there are TONS of pins on Pinterest giving you a step-by-step for this easy yet glamorous look.  And the red lips - they're just the icing on the cake.  But nothing makes me feel put together (even on the days I haven't had time to brush my hair) like some red lipstick.


2. Soft Vintage Curls
I'm sure it's no shock that I love the "Old Hollywood" look and these soft waves and ringlets are the perfect way to achieve that look.  Once you figure out the right way to set your curls, it really doesn't take much time at all (especially when you apply your cat eye and red lipstick as it cools).  

3. Pastels and Lace
I already hinted to you about my obsession with pastels in my post about the inspiration for my creative space remodel.  Blushing pink and mint green being at the top of my list for my pastel picks.  But add lace into the mix and you have the epitome of feminine.  It's no surprise that I'm a girly girl, and I love nothing more than getting dressed up!

4. Icey Blonde Locks
I've been trying to find the time to switch up my look with a new hairstyle for months now.  It has been SOOOOO long since I've been platinum blonde, and I must admit, it's calling my name.  The cost and time of the upkeep is the only thing holding my back but I WILL find a way to incorporate some blonde SOMEhow!! 

5. Pleated Skirts
These pleats are feminine and flirty and just my style!  And I love how they can be easily paired with a simple tee for a classy and sophisticated look...and easy to pull off for a busy mom!  I've seen these all over in all different lengths and depending on what top you pair with it it can go from pretty casual to glam!

6. Hi-Low Hemlines
I've been drooling over these since last summer but after Cassadee Pope's incredible performance on The Voice wearing this stunning number, I FELL IN LOVE!  I know there are some pretty risque versions of this look out in stores, but I think these three nailed it on the head in terms of modesty and style.

7. Texture and Layers
I love to incorporate lots of texture and layers into my look with scarves, jewelry, or different fabrics.  It adds some visual interest and intrigue.  It also gives a unique touch to any outfit and shows off a little of your personality!  

8. A Touch of Sparkle
It's right there in my title - This Domesticated Diva.  What diva doesn't add a little sparkle whenever she can???  But obviously we all know there's a huge difference between body glitter and a little touch here or there.  Maybe I couldn't differentiate the two back in my cheerleading days...but rest assured, I can now.  And here's a couple perfect examples of just the right touch of sparkle!

9. A Pop of Color
I'm a hairstylist.  An artist, in my own sense.  I NEEEED color.  I thrive off color.  So an all neutral or black and white ensemble???  That's just not me.  But add a simple pop of color and I'm a happy camper!  I know many of you can pull of neutrals with style and grace.  Maybe it's my porcelain skin or the dull shade of red in my hair right now...but that is just not my thing!  Even if it is something as simple as some bright peek-a-boo strands or funky makes a huge difference in my world.

10. Infinity Scarves
Yes, I know not everyone can pull them off.  My mom, for one, insists they make her look like she has no neck.  Her words, not mine.  But with two little kids looking for anything to pull (I have holes in the hemlines of all my tanks to prove it, not to mention a pile of jewelry for my husband to fix) infinity scarves have proved to be a lifesaver for me.  Especially for someone who has a constantly cold neck.  And when you live in Washington...that often INCLUDES the summer months.

Vintage Dutch Girl (my sister in law) made this one for me - super cozy, inexpensive, and she has a wide variety of fabrics to choose from!  See for yourself!

My favorite scarf from Fashionable Scarves, which you may have read about a time or two on here.    Great cause and beautiful don't want to miss out on owning one (or several) of these!
So tell me ladies (and gents)....what has been your fashion inspiration so far this year?!?


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