Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breaking Out of the Funk

(This was supposed to post on Friday...oopsy!)

I've been in kind of a funk lately.  Creatively and...well, every other way imaginable I guess.  I know there are several causes for this:

For one, we have hardly been out of the house at all this year.  I think we've actually been sick more than we've been healthy with one thing or another.  Cooped up in a house with two little kids who feel crummy is no fun.  But on the bright side -- mama hasn't been sick!!!  Sure makes it a lot easier to take care of them!

Two, we haven't had a real date night since a certain lifesaver came over and watched the kids so we could get our Christmas shopping done.  Does that count as a date?  I'm not sure...but it involved me and the Hubs minus the kids so close enough for me.  But on the bright side???  We have a whole WEEKEND to ourselves coming up thanks to some awesome grandparents and a 30th birthday to celebrate!!  (Not MINE, thank goodness.....not ready to round that bend yet ;)

Three, is the weather.  I think this one goes without explaining for anyone who knows me personally...but for those of you who don't - Seattle weather blows.  Grey sky, clouds, rain, little sun.  I'm working REALLY hard on not complaining about it...but I know it affects my mood.  AND the amount of time me and the kids can be outside (or want to).  Bright side?  Vacation.  Soon.  (I hope...)

Four has to do with work.  Lots and lots of work.  Not for me...(I sit on the couch eating bon bons all day, remember?) for my hubby.  It's great for our bank account, but not always for our relationship.  At the end of the day with two active kids I'm exhausted.  At the end of a long work day, he's exhausted.  Therefore there's a little bit of snippy attitude going on over here.  Bright side?  Kid-free weekend coming up!

Five, is probably the most significant.  Devotions.  Or lack there of.  I seriously struggle with getting in some daily quiet time with God.  When I do...that time is so precious and so uplifting and really sets the tone for the day.  So why is it so hard to commit to it?  Why is this a struggle for me?  I really don't know.  Bright side?  I'm sure soooo many of you have awesome tips on how to improve that, right?  I'm hoping so - lay them on me!!!!  Bright side number dos?  "Jesus Calling" is an awesome devotional.  Thanks to my mom-in-law for that precious gift!

So there you have it...my reasons for my funk laid out plainly for all to see.  Maybe getting it off my chest is what I need to break out of it.  But regardless what I know to be true is that what lies on the other side of a funk is something wonderful...and I am trying to take in whatever God is teaching me and look forward to whatever He has in store for me around that next bend.


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