Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Project #472

We've begun yet another project in our house.  One we have been planning on and waiting for since we moved in our house 5 years ago.  A master bathroom.  Of course, the master bedroom had to be put into place first....which we completed about two years ago, before Cocoa came home.

So why are we just now getting started with it?  Ooooh.

First of is a completely unfinished space.  No window.  No flooring.  No plumbing.  No siding.  Nada.  Which means it will cost a lot of money...which leads me to number two.

Cash.  We needed to have the money set aside before we started on the bathroom, and until now, other projects have topped the priority list.  But since we got our tax return back, we now have a chunk set aside to complete this project.

Three - storage.  As we showed the plumbers around our bathroom-to-be, it didn't take long to realize that we hadn't gone through any of this junk since we moved it!  Back in the corner (right around where the carpenter ants were taking over...yeah...long story) were boxes that we moved in and never unpacked.  Also - tool store house.  Yep - this is where all the things that don't have a home go.  And before we could get working on this space, all those things needed a home (even if that home turned out to be the Goodwill or the trash).

But now that those three things are out of the way, we have happily begun.

The plumbers spent an entire day invading my home and making a ton of racket (hear - no nap) but they got the job done and now we are ready for inspection.  After that is completed, then we can begin the flooring.  So while we are waiting for that, my hubby decided it was time for the window.

So last weekend (yep - my birthday weekend) I sat in the sun (WHAT?!?  There's SUN in Washington?!?  LOL) reading the end of Safe Haven and snuggling my babies while daddy cut a hole in our house and filled it with a window.

Bringing me right back to the summer she came home...

And you know who took THIS awesome picture?
My 4-year-old.  Future photographer on my hands??? =)

This is Hub's "you want me to smile NOW?!?" look =)

Working hard

Hole.  And yes, I forgot a picture of the window itself.  WHOOPS!
And yes, I do realize how ghetto my house looks with that lovely green trim work and overgrown bushes.  Hopefully that will be project #473...


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