Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My First Fix!!!

You may have heard me hint at my excitement on facebook for a while now.  Or maybe you are just hearing about it now.  But I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first Fix.  STITCH Fix that is.  A few of my bloggy friends have been posting about this fun and convenient online service for some time now and I am finally jumping on the bandwagon!

So what is Stitch Fix, you ask?  When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you get assigned a personal shopper who goes through your style profile, Pinterest, and Blog (or whatever you share with them) to personally pick out five clothing and accessory items to send to your home.

As a mom, this service is a LIFESEND!  You all know I looooove fashion....but with two high energy kids, it is next to impossible to get some shopping in.  So I either end up making quick decisions that I often regret or get nothing new for my wardrobe at all.  This leads me feeling frumpy and out of style.  An easy trap to fall into as a mom, am I right?

So how does it work?  Follow this link to sign up.  There is a little bit of a waiting list (not long though) and then Stitch Fix will send you an email to fill out your style profile.  They ask a lot of detailed questions about what size you wear, what style you like (with picture examples), how much you like to spend.  You also have the option to share links to your Pinterest page and your blog, which I could imagine really help them get to know your personality and unique flair.

Yes, I will admit I was wondering how well they would really "get me" based on my online information...but I think they did an excellent job with my first Fix.  Take a look for yourself!

My first item was this multi strand gold and red necklace.  Red is not a color I normally would choose for myself, but at first glance I absolutely loved it!  One of the things that makes this so fun =)  Not hard to see that it fits great.  The only thing holding me back is that I usually stick to cheap jewelry because I use it as my statement piece.  Is this classic enough that I would use it for years to come and therefore worth the investment?  Hmm...I'd love your thoughts!!!

My second item was this polka dot chambray blouse.  I specifically told them I was wanting a chambray blouse and this is just perfect!  The polka dots make it stand out from every other one out there (which I love) and it was just the perfect fit.  It was a little more than I would like to spend on a blouse...but I have such a hard time finding the right fit on me that this one, I think, is worth it (plus I had saved up a little knowing I wanted to invest in some staples for my wardrobe).

The third was this navy blouse with a sailboat print.  I love the bow at the neckline and the lightweight texture.  It's just perfect for the cool springs we tend to have here in Seattle (I say "tend" because just yesterday we were the hottest state in the nation....can't say that every day ever around here).  However, sailboats aren't really my thing (no offense for those of you who love them) and I happen to have two blouses very similar.  So I think I'm going to pass on this one.

The next two here are this red dolman top and black stretch skinnies.  The top is a great lightweight sweater fabric and the shape is beautiful.  I feel a little self-conscious about how tight it hugs my mommy pooch though...what do you think?  It's really a lovely piece but I worry that maybe its a little out of season.  Both the color and fabric seem perfect for the fall/winter....but maybe not right now as we're easing into the warmer weather.  However, I was SO excited when I saw the black skinnies because I happen to have worn a hole into mine just this weekend at the hospital (THAT'S a story for later).  These are so stretchy and comfortable.  They are the perfect length and fit great in the legs...but the waist was just a little too loose and they kept sliding down giving me that saggy crotch look.   =(  Not a fan of that...  So I'm passing on the pants, but still undecided on the top...

Out of everything in the box (which was awesome packaging by the way, including two examples of how to wear each piece) my very favorite is the chambray blouse.  It is exactly what I was hoping for and I was so excited I had to try it out a couple of ways...which one is your favorite???

And if YOU want to try out Stitch Fix yourself, just simply click HERE to sign up and get started.  And if you sign up through my link, I even get a credit towards my next fix!  So you'd be helping this girl out too =)



Leigh said...

you must keep the blouse. and really you must keep the skinny jeans. it's so hard to find good skinny jeans that fit so well and those look great on you. I really really love the necklace so if you can make it work I would keep it too but if don't fret over it.

Mama said...

I really like the red necklace but you know me, I loooove red. The Chambray blouse is super cute. Gotta agree with you on sailboats not really my thing either. The dolman top and skinnies look fab but they do feel a little more fallish AND you wanna make sure your pants fit great too because yeah, no saggy crotch (that's never in fashion haha).

Mama said...

I love the red necklace but you know me, red is one of my favorite colors. That said, depends on how much it is though. The Chambray blouse is super cute (keep it). Sailboats, not my thing. The last outfit looks fab but it does feel more fallish. I agree with you on the pants, send them back if they don't fit well... (saggy crotch, that's never in fashion lol).

Skellyvision said...

Love the spot chambray blouse a definite must keep! I just got one with stars on so cute. I like the red necklace and sailboat blouse I think they really suit you but if you know you won't wear them they're definitely not keepers. Good fitting jeans are hard to find so I'd keep looking, as saggy crotch is never a good look. Not keen on the red dolman blouse either. Love the last two looks but the shirt over the dress is my favourite!
Now when do they start delivering to Australia?! ;)