Sunday, November 28, 2010

O' Christmas Tree!

With my husband's crazy work schedule, we have had the "Christmas Tree Day" marked on our calendar for months now.  You  only think I'm kidding!  I have been looking forward to today for quite some time now! 

This morning put a smile on my face: peeks of sunshine, my baby making improvements {health wise - sniffles and a remaining cough}, some SLEEP...  But as if things couldn't get better...Shaun and Jodi asked to come WITH us!  Umm...YES PLEASE! 

In the past, Christmas tree shopping was a family affair...but since we BOTH come from large families, its felt a little lonesome out there with just the three of us.  THIS was exciting!!!  So they met us at our hosue to follow us to our three-year-running favorite tree farm!

We left right after church and thought we would give Monkey Man a nap afterwards...but he kinda fell asleep in the car.  The cat-nap was the puuurrrfect timing and made him last the rest of the day - yippee!!

Santa hat + snowsuit + binky makes for one cozy snooze!

Does a face get more perfect?!?

 Then it was OFF to find the perfect tree...

Shaun and his little princess!

The Angel baby herself - Miss Ryanne!  WHAT a beauty, huh?!?

Monkey wanted to explore it all...ON HIS OWN!

"Is this the one??"

Hide & Seek in the trees =)

We found our perfect tree!

So different from anything we've chosen in years past, but I'm likin' it!

Daddy got to work!

Tag-teamin' it!

Why so grumpy Mr. Pouty-face?

*MELT*  Isn't he the CUTEST?!?  ;)

Watch carefully Lil Man...this will be your job someday!

Watching and longing for the "Choo choo"

FINALLY they found their perfect tree too ;)  Just funny...cuz Jodi was mentioning how picky I was earlier ;)
  Who knows how long that took....Shaun drug us all the way through the mud to save a buck...but we were game! =)  After Monkey has been drooling after the choo-choo (which drove past us 17,000 times just to intice him!) daddy caved and spoiled the Lil Man...which made me smile =)

A treat from daddy...CHOO CHOO!!!!

JUST because you have a Santa doesn't mean you can sit in Santa's CHAIR!! =)

He was REALLY enjoying this cookie - I promise!!  Just too big of a bite =)

Home at last...yay for PB&J!

Thank you Shaun, Jodi, and Ryanne for making our annual tradition a little EXTRA special this year!



erica said...

How fun!! Love the pics!

BB said...

so fun that you actually have a place to cut down a tree.. I wish my kids could grow up cutting down trees instead of "unraveling' them at the HD. haha

Mindy said...

So fun! Looks like a perfect tree shopping trip! Darling family picture of you three too! :)

jodiandshaunandnewbaby... said...

I am pretty sure that I have been in your blogs a million times...girl, I need help with my blog. I love reading yours!! HELP me. Please. love you!

jodiandshaunandnewbaby... said...

I am pretty sure that I have been in your blogs a million times! I love it. HELP me with my blog..please, lol. Yours is so cute, I love it!