Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not What I Expected

As I sit here on Thanksgiving Day, running off 3 hours of sleep, missing the family turkey dinner, and taking care of my sick heart is smiling as I am being reminded that not only do I have everything I need right here, but that I have been abundantly blessed beyond that!  My stomach may be empty, but my heart is FULL!

Celebrating single digits!!

Pumpkin Bars for BREAKFAST anyone???
Sometimes things don't turn out the way we expect.  Sometimes not at all.  It's so easy to praise God with a thankful heart when everything is going right, but what about when everything goes wrong (or so it seems)?  For me it is a constant CHOICE to find joy in every situation and be thankful.  Because really...we have so much!  But I am sad to say that I do not excell in that area - in fact, many times I fail.  But I am learning!  I think God is using these not-so-perfect scenerios to slowly (and I mean slowly...have I mentioned before I'm not perfect?) change my heart and help me realize that sometimes the big picture is SO much bigger than what encircles me at that moment. 

How to entertain a sick kid?  Kitchen sink!
So even though my Thanksgiving was far from perfect, let me count my blessings:
1. Sick baby {ahem, toddler} = snuggle baby
2. Let's face it, movie days are fun!!
3. We're number nine!
4. When you're far from home on a holiday, you realize what truly great friends you have. {Thank you everyone who offered to have me join your family's Thanksgiving meal.  Please don't be offended that I didn't take you up on was for your own safety - believe me!}
5. Fresh fallen snow {which has since melted, oh well}.
6. My car is running GREAT right now WITH new tires {let me just say this is a complete 180 since last week}.
7. Have I mentioned we're number NINE?!?
8. Warm pumpkin bars for breakfast. {WITH cream cheese frosting - don't judge!  I missed Thanksgiving!!!}
9. I have the almost-happiest sick toddler ever!
10. We're FREAKIN' NUMBER NINE!!!!!!

Okay, so I may have counted the same thing a couple several times...but REALLY!  It's still a long shot...but we just COULD know our baby's face next time we head up to see family!! 

So next time you find yourself in a not-so-perfect situation, stop pouting like me, take a look around, and count your blessings.  You'll be surprised how many you see if you just look for them!

Hope y'all had a very happy Thanksgiving!

On to the Christmas decorations...did anyone know that you can actually get ICE CUBES in your SNOW GLOBES???  This was new to me...  Apparently 17 degrees is just TOO COLD for these puppies:



Kelly Jo said...

great post...hope monkey is back to his old self...whoot whoot, YOU ARE #9!!!!!!!!!

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said... fun....but still praising!!!! Hey, I think pumpkin bars are great for breakfast- I mean pumpkin is a veggie and people put cream cheese on bagels right? Works for me!!!

Praying you get to see your baby soon :) #9!!!!!!!!!

Also praying your other baby-ooops I mean toddler gets better soon!!

erica said...

So sorry that your little guy was sick, and hoping that he's feeling much better! So glad that you decided to count your blessings instead of focusing on the negatives - I need that reminder all too often. And yes, I could eat pumpkin bars any time of day. (And now you've made me hungry!) :)

Jenny said...

#9 is so stinkin' exciting! really hoping you move a bunch more soon!!! hope the little dude feels better soon! and funny about the ice in the snow globe!

Our Bigg Family said...

Sorry to hear you missed Thanksgiving dinner. I hope your little one is improving. And a big CONGRATS on single digits!!!

Rachel said...

Sorry that your little one was sick. You have an amazing attitude and outlook.

I've just discovered your blog and will be praying for you in the days to come. And congrats on being NUMBER 9!